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DMAD-Marine Mammals Research Association, is accepting volunteers and
interns to run dedicated research and conservation effort under the project
of the "Giant Guardians of the Deep Seas" in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
of Turkey. DMAD is an NGO that is established n 2015 and since then running
dedicated research and conservation effort in the data deficient regions of
the Mediterranean Sea and creating sound research within the least known
regions. The target species of the project are sperm whales, Cuvier’s
beaked whales and delphinid species.

The applicant should have a high motivation to leave a positive impact on
wildlife protection and capacity enrichment activities. The project will be
based in Kas-Antalya and will be trained in advanced research techniques by
the DMAD research team.

The placement starts within the first week of May with ongoing survey

*The program includes* weekly land based surveys through theodolite
stations, boat based surveys with acoustic techniques, scientific training
on selected topics, public outreach and capacity building activities.

During your involvement, *you will be trained on:*

-Theodolite operation and Pythagoras software

-Passive Acoustic Monitoring, PamGuard and Raven software

-Photo identification and Discovery software

-Geographic Information Systems and mapping

-Data collection through visual and acoustic surveys

-Animal behaviour

-Designing scientific surveys, identifying research questions and report


-True motivation in marine conservation, maturity and ability to work

-Working language is English

-Ability to live with people from multiple nationalities for an extended
period of time

-Respect of the organization’s rules

-Basic computer skills

-Background in marine biology is an advantage but not an obligation

*Project participation fee*

The positions are unpaid and require a participation fee of 950 euros /
month which covers:

• Accommodation and utilities (Accommodation is surrounded by nature in a
beautiful camping side of Kas).

• Internet access

• Training and lectures

• Scientific support

• Field work

• Use of the equipment

*How to apply*

Please email your CV and cover letter to info at dmad.org.tr explaining your
interest for the placement and the duration you are interested in

Looking forward to having you in our team of DMAD,

*Dr. Aylin Akkaya*
*Founder and Scientific Director of **Marine Mammals Research Association
(DMAD) *
*Cetacean Consultant of **WWF-Turkey *
*Research Director of **Montenegro Dolphin Research (MDR) *
*skype: aylin.akkaya3*
*info at dmad.org.tr <info at dmad.org.tr>*
*www.dmad.org.tr <http://www.dmad.org.tr/>*
*https://sancet.wixsite.com/sancet <https://sancet.wixsite.com/sancet>*
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