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Andreas Fahlman afahlman at whoi.edu
Thu Apr 6 04:45:05 PDT 2023

Dear MARMAMers,

My co-authors and I are pleased to share this new open-access publication:
Fahlman A, Allen AS, Blawas A, Sweeney J, Stone R, Trainor R, Jensen FH, McHugh K, Allen JB, Barleycorn AA & Wells RS (2023). Surface and diving metabolic rates, and dynamic aerobic dive limits (dADL) in near- and off-shore bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops spp., indicate that deep diving is energetically cheap. Marine Mammal Science, 1-18.

High-resolution dive depth and acceleration recordings from nearshore (Sarasota Bay, dive depth < 30 m), and offshore (Bermuda) bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops spp.) were used to estimate the diving metabolic rate (DMR) and the locomotor metabolic rate (LMR, L O2/min) during three phases of diving (descent, bottom, and ascent). For shallow dives (depth ≤ 30 m), we found no differences between the two ecotypes in the LMR during diving, nor during the postdive shallow interval between dives. For intermediate (30 m < depth ≤ 100 m) and deep dives (depth > 100 m), the LMR was significantly higher during ascent than during descent and the bottom phase by 59% and 9%, respectively. In addition, the rate of change in depth during descent and ascent (meters/second) increased with maximal dive depth. The dynamic aerobic dive limit (dADL) was calculated from the estimated DMR and the estimated predive O2 stores. For the Bermuda dolphins, the dADL decreased with dive depth, and was 18.7, 15.4, and 11.1 min for shallow, intermediate, and deep dives, respectively. These results provide a useful approach to understand the complex nature of physiological interactions between aerobic metabolism, energy use, and diving capacity.

Publication available open access here: https://doi.org/10.1111/mms.13023

If you have any questions or need a pdf copy of the paper, you can reach me at: afahlman at whoi.edu<mailto:afahlman at whoi.edu>

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