[MARMAM] PhD student for Shark Bay dolphin research

Richard Connor rconnor at fiu.edu
Fri Sep 30 01:11:05 PDT 2022

Richard Connor & Mike Heithaus at Florida International University in North Miami, FL, are looking for a Ph.D. student to work on foraging behavior and habitat use in male Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in Shark Bay, Western Australia. The student will extend previous work in the eastern gulf showing that male alliances with overlapping ranges forage in different habitats (O’Brien et al. 2000, see also Bizzozzero et al. 2019), quantifying foraging behavior and examining how different foraging tactics influence mate guarding. The student would enter the FIU program in Fall 2023, but field work may begin during the northern summer (southern winter) 2023, pending funding. Candidates with field experience and a master’s degree strongly preferred. The candidate will need to obtain certification to operate a drone in Western Australia, so drone experience is also valued.

For more information on the site and previous work in Shark Bay visit:


O'Brien*, O; Allen, SA; Krützen, M & RC Connor. 2020. Alliance-specific habitat selection by male dolphins in Shark Bay, Western Australia. Animal Behaviour 164: 39-49.

Bizzozzero, MR, Allen, SJ; Gerber, L; Wild, S.; King, SL; Connor, RC, Friedman, WR; Wittwer, S and M Krützen. 2019. Tool use and alliance partner choice among male bottlenose dolphins. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Biological Sciences doi.org/10.1098/rspb.2019.0898
Contact: Richard Connor, rconnor at fiu.edu

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