[MARMAM] New paper: length-at-age estimate of T. aduncus by 3D camera

Tadamichi MORISAKA chaka at bio.mie-u.ac.jp
Wed Sep 28 18:50:05 PDT 2022

Dear MARMAM members,

We are pleased to share the following study on the standard length-at-age
estimates of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in Mikura Island, Japan by
simple 3D camera system.

Morisaka, T., Sakai, M., Hama, H., Kogi, K. Body length and growth pattern
of free-ranging Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins off Mikura Island
estimated using an underwater 3D camera. Mamm Biol (2022).

You can see pdf online at "Shared It".

Or you can request me a pdf copy.

All the best,
            Tadamichi Morisaka (Chaka)


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