[MARMAM] DMAD is looking for a volunteer supervisor/researcher in Montenegro, South Adriatic

Patrick Lyne patrick.lyne at iwdg.ie
Mon Sep 26 09:43:42 PDT 2022

DMAD-Marine Mammals Research Association is Looking for a Volunteer
Supervisor/Researcher in Montenegro (South Adriatic)

Dear all,

DMAD - Marine Mammals Research Association is a non profit organization
that directs its scientific effort on the most data deficient regions of
the Mediterranean Sea and conducts dedicated cetacean surveys through
visual and acoustic data collection protocols. While the main goal of the
NGO is to collect the missing scientific knowledge, its wider attention
focuses on the promotion and implementation of awareness initiatives
targeted at the local community.

We are currently seeking a Volunteer Supervisor/Researcher for our base in
Montenegro. This is a valuable opportunity for anyone who is hard-working
and dedicated to marine conservation and enjoys taking challenges. We are
open to accept applications from anyone whose passion for marine mammals is
strong and sincere. This is an opportunity to develop your research and
public awareness skills, to gain experience on hand-on science and to
contribute science where the work is most needed!

This opportunity is available from October 2022. The minimum duration of
the placement is 9 MONTHS.


-True interest for marine conservation, self-motivation, maturity and
ability to work responsibly;

-Ability to cohabit in a dynamic and multicultural environment;

-Respect for the organizations’ rules and willingness to follow standards
and procedures;

-Proven experience of working effectively as part of a team;

-Fluent English (both spoken and written) and good communication skills;

-Willingness to learn new software applications.

-Background in marine biology and previous fieldwork experience are an


-Performing land-based surveys at least three times a week, including
sunrise and sunset hours;

-Performing boat-based surveys once a fortnight (occasionally more if

-Collecting dolphins sighting and behavioral data, as well as environmental
and anthropogenic data;

-Operating theodolite and managing its software Pythagoras;

-Data entry and analysis;

-Cataloguing and matching individuals of target species for photo-ID
studies via Discovery software;

-Raising stakeholder awareness through conservation actions.

-Promoting citizen-science activities


The Montenegro Dolphin Research team provides lectures and field work
training as well as constant mentoring. You will be given the chance to
learn the most popular methodologies used in marine mammal research

-GIS mapping

-Theodolite operation and Pythagoras software;


-Discovery, Darwin and Logger 2010 software;

-Systematic data collection and data analysis;


The accommodation of the selected volunteer supervisor/researcher will be
covered. After the trial period of two months, the researcher will receive
300euro per month to cover her/his expenses.

Applicants are responsible for their transportation to/from Montenegro,
meals, insurance (all participants should have health and/or travel
insurance) and personal expenses.


Email your CV and cover letter to info at dmad.org.tr, explaining why you are
a suitable asset for our team and which goals you hope to achieve with us!

If you wish to have more info about our internships and work please take a
look at some of our web pages and social media:

Our research: http://www.dmad.org.tr/our-projects

Our internships: http://www.dmad.org.tr/our-internships

Our publications: http://www.dmad.org.tr/our-publications

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marinemammalsresearch/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DMADforNature/

All the best,

DMAD team
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