[MARMAM] Images of marine mammal interactions with macro-plastics

Morgana Vighi morgana.vighi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 02:20:27 PDT 2022

Dear MARMAM community,

in the process of writing a book chapter regarding the impacts of
macroplastics, I would like to ask for your support!

If anybody has some image or picture of significant interactions between
marine mammals and macro-plastics, and would like to share it and possibly
publish it within the chapter, I would be very grateful!!

I am looking for impactful photos of entanglement, ingestion, etc... of
marine mammals, sea turtles, marine birds, etc. It would be better if the
images are not protected by copyright, or if they are, that you have the
permission to publish them.
If you think you have interesting material and are willing to contribute,
don't hesitate to contact me for further information at
morgana.vighi at gmail.com.

With warm regards,

Morgana Vighi, PhD

+34 633656763
+39 3388269806
skype: morgana.vighi
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