[MARMAM] Free open-access book: Exploring Animal Behavior Through Sound

Christine Erbe erbe_c at YAHOO.COM
Sun Oct 30 22:00:19 PDT 2022

Dear Colleagues,


There’s a new, free, open-access book, entitled Exploring Animal Behavior Through Sound—Volume 1 Methods. It has chapters on bioacoustic hardware and software, acoustic terminology, sound propagation in air and under water, automated signal detection, statistical analysis, audiometric methods, terrestrial and aquatic soundscapes, animal communication, echolocation, and the effects of noise. It includes plenty of marine mammal examples. Access here: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-97540-1.


If you are considering buying a printed version, please wait for ~1 month. The detailed Table of Contents and the Index accidentally vanished. Springer will upload an update to both front and back matter; the individual chapters and their pagination will not change. Having ToC and Index in the printed book should help finding material in the book.


Volume 2 is ~12 months away. It is organised taxonomically and presents info on animal sound production, reception, and usage. There will be a chapter devoted to marine mammals.


Cheers, Christine


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