[MARMAM] NMFS Job opportunity deadline extension

Rebeccah Hazelkorn - NOAA Federal rebeccah.hazelkorn at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 27 12:56:16 PDT 2022

The deadline to apply for the Large Whale Recovery Coordinator and Small
Cetacean Conservation Coordinator position has been extended to Nov 4th.
Details of the job, previously posted, are as follows:

The Direct Hire Announcement for *Natural Resources Specialists,
ZP-0401-3/4 * has been posted. *Two positions* with the National Marine
Fisheries Southeast Regional Office will be filled from this
announcement, with one in St. Petersburg/Jacksonville, FL,
Brunswick/Savannah, GA, and one in Saint Petersburg, FL

The selected "Large Whale Recovery Coordinator" will work with state and
federal agencies, academics, and other organizations to coordinate recovery
of ESA listed whales in the Southeast (e.g., North Atlantic right whales,
Rice's whales, sperm whales).

The selected "Small Cetacean Conservation Coordinator" will work with state
and federal agencies, academics, and other partners/organizations to
coordinate conservation of MMPA protected small cetaceans in the Southeast
(e.g., bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales).

The announcement: *https://www.usajobs.gov/job/685029200
will be open for *7 days*, from *10/24/22-10/31/22  **Extended to 11/4/22***

Please circulate to qualified candidates who can assist us with:

   - Recommending effective conservation activities to support sustainable
   fisheries and minimize adverse effects on protected species and critical
   - Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with
   counterparts, scientists, government partners and constituents.
   - Serving as an independent regional expert and point of contact (POC)
   management needs, communicating information to leadership, training staff
   in areas of expertise, collaborating to identify annual priorities, and
   providing technical guidance.
   - Reviewing, gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and synthesizing
   scientific data and technical information to determine environmental
   impacts on biological resources and aquatic habitats.
   - Writing biological and regulatory documents required under Federal
   environmental laws and processes.
   - Developing natural resource plans, management strategies, or impact
   assessments with corresponding conservation measures.
   - Coordinating the completion of scientific, technical or regulatory
   work among interdisciplinary or inter-organizational groups.
   - Preparing reports and making presentations conveying technical
   information to a wide variety of audiences including the general public.

*Note: These duties are described at the full performance level of the
ZP-4; the ZP-3 is developmental leading to such performance.*

Feel free to contact Laura Engleby with any questions at
laura.engleby at noaa.com

Rebeccah A. Hazelkorn
Protected Resources Division
NOAA, NMFS, Southeast Regional Office
263 13th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL  33701
Office: 727-551-5751
Cell: 941-724-3906
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