[MARMAM] Special Issue on western gray whales and seismic surveys

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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the authors and co-authors, we are pleased to announce the
publication of a special issue on western gray whales and seismic
operations in the journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. The
issue is dedicated to Rodger Melton who was instrumental towards
establishing a long-term western gray whale research program off Sakhalin
Island, Russia as well as mitigation and monitoring measures to minimize
the impacts from oil and gas operations in the area. The issue summarizes
the mitigation and monitoring approaches taken and assesses the impacts of
seismic surveys that occurred near the gray whales feeding grounds off
Sakhalin. The issue is open access and available online at
Below are the individual papers.

Streever, B. Western gray whales and seismic operations: an introduction to
the topical selection and a tribute to the late Rodger Melton. *Environ
Monit Assess* *194* (Suppl 1), 747 (2022).

Aerts, L., Jenkerson, M.R., Nechayuk, V.E., Gailey, G, Racca, R.,
Blanchard, A.L., Schwartz, L.K., & Melton, H.R. Seismic surveys near gray
whale feeding areas off Sakhalin Island, Russia: assessing impact and
mitigation effectiveness. *Environ Monit Assess* *194* (Suppl 1), 746
(2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10661-022-10016-9

Rutenko, A.N., Zykov, M.M., Gritsenko, V.A., Fershalov, M.Y., Jenkerson,
M.R., Racca, R. & Nechayuk, V.E. Real-time acoustic monitoring with
telemetry to mitigate potential effects of seismic survey sounds on marine
mammals: a case study offshore Sakhalin Island. *Environ Monit Assess*
*194* (Suppl
1), 745 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10661-022-10019-6

Rutenko, A.N., Zykov, M.M., Gritsenko, V.A., Fershalov, M.Y., Jenkerson,
M.R., Manulchev, D.S., Racca, R. & Nechayuk, V.E.*.* Acoustic monitoring
and analyses of air gun, pile driving, vessel, and ambient sounds during
the 2015 seismic surveys on the Sakhalin shelf. *Environ Monit Assess*
*194* (Suppl
1), 744 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10661-022-10021-y

Blanchard, A.L., Demchenko, N.L., Aerts, L.A.M. Yazvenko, S.B. Ivin, V.V. &
Shcherbakov, I.A.*.* Benthic studies adjacent to Sakhalin Island, Russia,
2015 I: benthic biomass and community structure in the nearshore gray whale
feeding area. *Environ Monit Assess* *194* (Suppl 1), 743 (2022).

Maresh, J.L., Blanchard, A.L., Demchenko, N.L., Shcherbakov, I., Aerts, L.
& Schwartz, L.K.*.* Benthic studies adjacent to Sakhalin Island, Russia,
2015 II: energy content of the zoobenthos in western gray whale feeding
grounds. *Environ Monit Assess* *194* (Suppl 1), 742 (2022).

Blanchard, A.L., Ainsworth, L., Gailey, G., Demchenko, N.L. & Shcherbakov,
I.A*.* Benthic studies adjacent to Sakhalin Island, Russia 2015 III:
benthic energy density spatial models in the nearshore gray whale feeding
area. *Environ Monit Assess* *194* (Suppl 1), 741 (2022).

Gailey, G., Sychenko, O., Zykov, M., Rutenko, A., Blanchard, A. & Melton,
R.H. Western gray whale behavioral response to seismic surveys during their
foraging season. *Environ Monit Assess* *194* (Suppl 1), 740 (2022).

Gailey, G., Zykov, M., Sychenko, O., Rutenko, A., Blanchard, A.L., Aerts,
L. & Melton, R.H. Gray whale density during seismic surveys near their
Sakhalin feeding ground. *Environ Monit Assess* *194* (Suppl 1), 739
(2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10661-022-10025-8

Schwarz, L.K., Gailey, G., Tyurneva, O., Yakovlev, Y., Sychenko, O. van der
Wolf, P. & Vertyankin, V.V. Western gray whales on their summer feeding
ground off Sakhalin Island in 2015: who is foraging where? *Environ Monit
Assess* *194* (Suppl 1), 738 (2022).

Schwarz, L., McHuron, E., Mangel, M., Gailey, G. & Sychenko, O*.* Gray
whale habitat use and reproductive success during seismic surveys near
their feeding grounds: comparing state-dependent life history models and
field data. *Environ Monit Assess* *194* (Suppl 1), 733 (2022).
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