[MARMAM] 2 PhD positions open at the University of Siena

Cristina Panti panti4 at unisi.it
Wed Oct 26 02:47:21 PDT 2022

Dear MARMAM members,

We are writing since we open two positions for two PhD students in our lab
to focus on the following topics:

Development of diagnostic methodologies to assess the presence and effects
of emerging contaminants and multiple stresses on marine ecosystems and
biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea (in particular marine mammals).

Among the research topic:

- Analysis of emerging contaminants: plastics additives, Drugs, etc.

- Analysis of biological responses: Omics and Molecular Biology techniques.
Ecotoxicological investigations on endangered species.

We are looking for a person who has a molecular biology background or an
analytical chemistry background (mainly interested in marine mammals and
endangered species but not only).

The deadline is quite close (11 November), more details in the attached
file (focus on Annex 8).

Thanks for your help!


Cristina Panti and Maria Cristina

><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><> ><>

Cristina Panti, PhD

Department of Environmental, Earth and Physical Sciences

University of Siena

Via P.A. Mattioli, 4

53100, Siena


Ph. +39 0577 232245

Fax. +39 0577 232930


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