[MARMAM] Semester by the Bay Program in Homer, Alaska

Kenneth Goldman kjgoldman at alaska.edu
Fri Oct 21 10:38:12 PDT 2022

Dear Marmam Community,

     I am writing to ask and encourage you to share the following
information with your colleagues and students about a wonderful program
offered at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Kenai Peninsula College,
Kachemak Bay Campus.  The Semester by the Bay Program is an Alaska,
place-based experiential learning program in Homer, Alaska is an ideal
place to study and explore Marine Biology and Conservation Ecology.  We
hope that all we offer (e.g. experiential learning, internships, incredible
courses with world-renowned instructors, with access to one of the richest
marine estuaries in the world) can work into your students’ academic
goals.  Our Fall semester focuses on Marine Mammal Biology, while our
spring semester focus is Conservation Ecology.

We are currently recruiting students and planning for the Spring 2023
semester.  We will be offering a 16 credit transcripted certificate in
Ecology.  Classes offered include:

BIOL 473 Conservation Biology (3CR)

BIOL 483 Exploration Ecology (2CR)

BIOL 484 Experiential Learning: Exploration Ecology Field Study (4CR)

BIOL 490 Global Climate Change (3CR)

BIOL 492A Undergraduate Seminar in Conservation Ecology (1CR)

BIOL 495A Internship in the Biological Sciences (3CR)

EACH FALL we also offer a 16 credit Marine Mammal Biology Certificate
program.  Classes offered include:

BIOL 325 Advanced Marine Skeletal Articulation (2CR)

BIOL 430 Marine Mammal Biology (3CR)

BIOL 432 Experiential Learning: Marine Mammal Biology (2CR)

BIOL 458 Behavioral Ecology of Marine Mammals (3CR)

BIOL 459 Experiential Learning: Behavioral Ecology of Marine Mammals (2CR)

BIOL 492A Undergraduate Seminar in Marine Mammal Conservation (1CR)

BIOL 495A Internship in the Biological Sciences (3CR)

Each of these two separate semester packages of 16 credits includes an
opportunity for students to both participate in an internship and conduct
guided undergraduate research.  Some internships offer free or reduced
housing and students receive in-state tuition.

Completion of either semester’s hands-on, intensive program will earn a
student a stand-alone degree called an Occupational Endorsement
Certificate. We will work with students and their institutions to ensure
course transferability in addition to earning these certificates

Please see our website for more information on internships and the SBB


Thank you very much for your time and attention to this email, and for your
help in spreading the word about our programs.  Please contact me directly
if you have any questions.


Ken Goldman

Kenneth J. Goldman, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor of Biology
University of Alaska Anchorage,
Kenai Peninsula College
Kachemak Bay Campus
533 East Pioneer Ave.
Homer, Alaska 99603
email: kjgoldman at alaska.edu
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