[MARMAM] Publication on Risso's dolphin behaviors from Southern California

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Dear marmam community,

My co-authors and I are pleased to announce the publication of our recent
research article:

Rone BK, Sweeney DA, Falcone EA, Watwood SL and Schorr GS (2022) Movements
and diving behavior of Risso’s dolphins in the Southern California Bight.
Front. Mar. Sci. 9:873548. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2022.873548

The paper can be downloaded from:

Risso’s dolphins (Grampus griseus), uncommon prior to the 1970’s, are now
regularly observed within the Southern California Bight. During long-term
cetacean monitoring programs on United States Navy range areas in the
Southern California Bight from 2009–2019, we deployed 16 Argos-linked
satellite tags on Risso’s to acquire objective, detailed depictions of
their movements and behaviors. Individuals were tracked for a median of
10.7 days (range = 0.8 – 19.7). Kernel density estimation suggested
individuals utilized the entire Southern California Bight with the 50% core
use area centered around San Clemente and Santa Catalina Islands where most
of the tag deployments occurred. Grand median dive depth was 101 m (max =
528) and dive duration was 5.6 min (max = 11.1). We used generalized mixed
models to assess seasonal and environmental effects on distribution and
diving behavior including month, distance to shore, time of day, lunar
phase, sea surface temperature, and chlorophyll-a residuals. Animals were
further from shore (including islands) during a full versus new moon and
from the mainland during the last versus first quarter moon. Animals also
tended to be closer to land in the fall and early winter months. Dives were
deeper yet shorter during the night, during a full moon, and when animals
were further offshore. Animals conducted nearly twice as many dives at
night compared to day, though deep dives (> 500 m) occurred at all times of
day. This study provides insights into Risso’s distribution and behavioral
trends while identifying priorities for future research.

Feel free to email Brenda Rone (brenda.rone at marecotel.org), our
corresponding author, with any questions.

David Sweeney

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