[MARMAM] Seeking harbour porpoise vocalisations

Todd, Nicole nicole.todd at ucc.ie
Thu Jul 28 04:15:32 PDT 2022

Dear Marmam community,

I hope one of you can assist me. I'm reaching out as I am seeking wav file recordings of harbour porpoise vocalisations. These are to be used for a playback experiment so need to be of high sampling rate and low distortion, for example from a D tag or similar. Ideally, I would be looking for both regular echolocation and foraging clicks, only short sequences necessary as can be repeated multiple times. If anyone feels they can facilitate this, or has any advice on the matter please get in touch, I would be very grateful and happy to discuss further.

Many thanks in advance,

Nicole Todd| PhD student

MaREI Centre | School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Science
University College Cork
+353 (0)21 486 4395


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