[MARMAM] New Publication: Entanglement of Steller Sea Lions in Marine Debris and Fishing Gear on the Central Oregon Coast from 2005–2009

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Tue Jul 26 16:26:23 PDT 2022

Greetings MARMAM community,

On behalf of my co-author and I, we are happy to announce the publication
of our recent paper in the Special Issue of the *Oceans* journal:

"Entanglement of Steller Sea Lions in Marine Debris and Fishing Gear on the
Central Oregon Coast from 2005–2009"

Entanglement in marine debris and fishing gear is an increasing problem for
the world’s pinnipeds and a contributing factor in Steller sea lion
jubatus*) injury and mortality. From 2005–2009, we surveyed (n = 389 days)
two haul-outs on the central Oregon coast containing a combined median of
402 animals (range 33–1240, or ca. 1–19% of the Oregon coast population).
We recorded 72 individuals entangled in marine debris (n = 70) or with
ingested salmon hook-and-line fishing gear (n = 2). Of the identifiable
neck entanglements, black rubber bands were the most common neck-entangling
material (62%), followed by plastic packing bands (36%), nets (1.2%),
yellow rubber bands (0.4%), and a flying disc (0.4%). The estimated
prevalence of entanglement for individuals in Oregon was 0.34%. Juveniles
were the most frequently entangled age class (60%), followed by adult
females (28%), and subadult males (12%). Supply chain and industry-based
solutions are needed to prevent entangling debris from entering the ocean,
along with eliminating, modifying, or cutting entangling loops of synthetic

The paper is freely available via open access in the Special Issue here:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

Kim Raum-Suryan


Kim Raum-Suryan

Marine Mammal Specialist, PRD, Alaska Region

NOAA Fisheries | U.S. Department of Commerce

Office: (907) 586-7424

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