[MARMAM] New publication: "Extremely Low mtDNA Diversity and High Genetic Differentiation Reveal the Precarious Genetic Status of Dugongs in New Caledonia, South Pacific"

Claire GARRIGUE claire.garrigue at ird.fr
Tue Jul 26 03:05:24 PDT 2022

Dear Marmam community,

On behalf of my co-authors, I am happy to announce the publication of 
our recent paper in Journal of Heredity 
https://doi.org/10.1093/jhered/esac029 :

"/Extremely Low mtDNA Diversity and High Genetic Differentiation Reveal 
the Precarious Genetic Status of Dugongs in New Caledonia, South Pacific/"


//New Caledonia is home to one of the largest remaining populations of 
dugongs (Dugong dugon) and is located at the southeastern limit of the//
//species range. Local knowledge suggests that current levels of removal 
due to anthropogenic pressures are unsustainable, whereas trends suggest//
//an ongoing decline in the population. Considering this unfavorable 
conservation context, this study aimed to assess the New Caledonian//
//dugong population’s resilience by determining its level of genetic 
diversity and degree of isolation relative to other populations. 
//DNA (mtDNA) control region sequences (n = 55) collected from live and 
dead dugongs in New Caledonia were compared with a global data//
//set of previously published sequences (n = 631) representing dugong 
populations throughout the species range. The New Caledonian dugong//
//population displayed the lowest level of mtDNA diversity documented 
worldwide (3 haplotypes with 1-bp difference), suggesting a recent origin//
//of the current population through limited colonization events. 
Population structure analyses indicate a strong genetic differentiation 
with all the//
//putative populations represented in the global data set, including 
large neighboring Australian populations. These results show that the 
//population in New Caledonia is particularly isolated, fragile, and 
vulnerable to anthropogenic threats and diseases with low potential for 
//through incoming gene flow. Our findings call for an instant 
conservation response and consideration for IUCN population assessment to//
//support the long-term survival of the New Caledonian dugong population.//

Feel free to contact any of the authors for pdf:
Claire Bonneville: claire.bonneville at ird.fr
Christophe Cleguer: christophe.cleguer at jcu.edu.au
Marc Oremus: moremus at wwf.nc

Best regards

Dr Claire Garrigue
UMR ENTROPIE - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
101 Promenade Gabriel Laroque
98848 Nouméa Cedex
Phone: +687 829560
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