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Conservation and monitoring actions to benefit marine megafauna within MPA settings are often undertaken by a range of actors, such as the MPA authority itself, NGOs, and academic research institutes etc. In cases where there is more than one entity conducting activities within the MPA, the MPA authority obviously requires access to information collected by others to effectively carry out its main role of managing the area.

The international NGO MedPAN (Mediterranean Protected Area Network; https://medpan.org/) is seeking to review examples of best practices for cooperation between MPA practitioners, scientists, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders in order to strengthen and consolidate collaborations across its region within a standardised framework. If you are involved with work in and for an MPA and would like to contribute to this initiative, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.

Please click on the link to access a short questionnaire. Your participation can remain anonymous and responses to all questions are optional.

https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/CB7DCZ/ <https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/CB7DCZ/>    
Additionally, if you have any documentation, such as Memoranda of Understandings, which would be of relevance that you could share, or if you are aware of any suitable online resources, I welcome receiving them off the list to my email alanfrees at gmail.com <mailto:alanfrees at gmail.com>.

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