[MARMAM] Introductory distance sampling training workshop; only two weeks remaining to register

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Interactive introductory distance sampling training

The University of St Andrews has been training ecologists and statisticians in design and analysis of distance sampling studies for decades. Distance sampling methods are widely used in population assessment of pinniped and cetacean populations. In case you have been having a busy summer (perhaps conducting a distance sampling survey) and registering had slipped your mind, now would be a good time to book your place in the upcoming workshop.

We are offering the training workshop in 10 2.5-hour blocks in August/September 2022.  You will be invited to interact in short lectures on distance sampling principles.  Exercises analysing data sets in R will reinforce those principles and the lecturer will be available to assist during the practical session via screen sharing.  The session will conclude with a summary of the exercise and question/answer session for both lecture and exercise.  You can participate in polls during the workshop to assess your comprehension of topics discussed.  In addition to questions at any time during the lectures and practicals, an optional additional half hour will be set aside each session for discussion of topics arising.

The workshop will be delivered using Zoom web conferencing software along with R-Studio "in the cloud". You will need (free) accounts for both pieces of software. I encourage you to experiment with Zoom (at https://zoom.us) and https://rstudio.cloud before the workshop begins. There will be an internet connection testing and general orientation session prior to the first meeting on 29 August.

Important details

  *   Workshop dates and time:  29 August - 09 September 2022; 1400-1630 British Summer Time
  *   Registration deadline: 05 August 2022
  *   Enrolment limit: 14
  *   Cost: 225 British pounds
  *   What is included: Lectures, exercises, code, data all available online

What they are saying

I really like your teaching style. The pace is steady enough for ample note taking, but quick enough to keep my attention span. The humour gets me chuckling alone at my desk. The concepts are so easy to understand and relate to. Some of these concepts I’ve been aware of for a long time in a kind of ‘working knowledge’ way, but hearing you describe the theory behind them is giving me a lot of ‘oh yeah!’ moments. It is a real pleasure and is giving me a lot to think about for my own teaching. — Dr Sarah Marley, University of Portsmouth

Further details are available


At the webpage above, you will find a link to the St Andrews online shop where payment is made.  After registration, I will contact you with additional details regarding workshop electronic materials, etc.

Feel free to contact me with questions. Please share this announcement with interested colleagues.

Information regarding all distance sampling workshops can be found at


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