[MARMAM] Invitation to SMM Workshop "Cachalote Consortium"

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Mon Jul 11 07:13:41 PDT 2022

Dear colleagues,

The SMM Workshop “Cachalote Consortium” is also going virtual on the 30th of July. Everyone interested in attending virtually -even if not registered for the conference- and perhaps want to present work on sperm whales is invited. Email us at nikitsoto01 at hotmail.com and  sarah.mesnick at noaa.gov<mailto:sarah.mesnick at noaa.gov>.
 The Cachalote Consortium was created in 2005 with the goal of bringing sperm whale researchers from multiple disciplines together to promote understanding of global patterns of sperm whale biology, ecology and conservation. The workshop in Florida continues this tradition and will provide a forum for presenting progress, trading ideas, exchanging and standardizing methodologies, identifying knowledge gaps, inspiring new collaborations and fostering the next generation of sperm whale scientists.

In parallel with the goals of the Biennial, we are encouraging you to share your ideas on the science and conservation of sperm whale societies and to present your use of technologies (traditional and novel) that promote understanding of sperm whales at multiple scales: social, regional and global.

We anticipate organizing this year's workshop by topic, with short presentations followed by panel and group discussion. There will be two coffee breaks and a lunch break for casual interactions too.

Depending on your interests and responses to the questions below we will organize the speakers by topic, such as (but not limited to): "distribution and habitat", "human impacts and fishery interactions", "social relations, structure and behavior", "predators and prey", "anatomy and physiology", etc. Please share with us the ideas you have for giving a talk and those that you would like to discuss.

As we prepare for the workshop, please answer each of the following questions by this coming Friday, 15 July 2022.

1. Would you like to give a short data presentation of your work (5-10 min using PowerPoint)? If yes, what is the title?

2. Would you like to give a short description of the topic of your research (3 min with/without PowerPoint presentation)? If yes, what is your title?

3. Are there special topics or ideas you'd like to discuss? If yes, please describe.

4. Is there video, photographs or recordings of sperm whales that you'd like to share - especially ones that highlight unusual behavior or observations? If yes, please describe and note the length of the video. We welcome amazing visuals from the field.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Sarah & Niki
sarah.mesnick at noaa.gov<mailto:sarah.mesnick at noaa.gov>
nikitsoto01 at hotmail.com<mailto:nikitsoto01 at hotmail.com>

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