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We are pleased to announce a new book on the Ethology and Behavioral Ecology of Mysticetes edited by Christopher Clark and Ellen Garland.

This book presents an extensive and in-depth compendium of chapters on baleen whale ethology and behavioral ecology (https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-030-98449-6).

Part I: Patterns of Mysticete Ethology and Behavioral Ecology
1 Observing Baleen Whales. Christopher W. Clark and Ellen C. Garland
2 Baleen Whale Acoustic Ethology. Christopher W. Clark and George J. Gagnon
3 Anatomy of Sound Production and Reception. Joy S. Reidenberg
4 Baleen Whale Migration. Travis W. Horton, Daniel M. Palacios, Kathleen M. Stafford, and Alexandre N. Zerbini
5 Feeding Strategies of Baleen Whales Through a Behavioral Ecology and Evolutionary Lens. Ari S. Friedlaender
6 Viewing the Lives of Whales Through a Molecular Lens. Emma L. Carroll and Ellen C. Garland
7 Social Organization of Baleen Whales. Peter L. Tyack
8 Culture and Social Learning in Baleen Whales. Ellen C. Garland and Emma L. Carroll

Part II: Examples of Mysticete Acoustic Ethology
9 The Bioacoustics of Blue Whales—Global Diversity and Behavioral Variability in a Foraging Specialist. Ana Širovic and Erin M. Oleson
10 Humpback Whales: A Seemingly Socially Simple Whale with Communicative Complexity. Rebecca A. Dunlop
11 Humpback Whales: Exploring Global Diversity and Behavioral Plasticity in an Undersea Virtuoso. Danielle Cholewiak and Salvatore Cerchio
12 Singing Behavior in the Bowhead Whale. Kathleen M. Stafford
13 Right Whales from North to South: Similarities and Differences in Acoustic Communication. Susan E. Parks
14 Mysterious Minke Whales: Acoustic Diversity and Variability. Denise Risch
15 The Omura’s Whale: Exploring the Enigma. Salvatore Cerchio

It is part of the 7-book series by Bernd Würsig on the Ethology and Behavioral Ecology of Marine Mammals (https://www.springer.com/series/15983/books)

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