[MARMAM] New publication on Bray-call sequences in the Mediterranean bottlenose dolphin acoustic repertoire

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Fri Feb 25 11:45:40 PST 2022

Dear Marine Mammal Community,
we are pleased to share our recent open access publication:

Pace D.S., Tumino C., Silvestri M., Giacomini G., Pedrazzi G., Pavan G.,
Papale E., Ceraulo M., Buscaino G., Ardizzone G. (2022). Bray-call
sequences in the Mediterranean bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
acoustic repertoire. Biology 11(2), 367.


Acoustic sequences are commonly observed in many animal taxa. The vast
vocal repertoire of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) also includes
sequences of multi-unit rhythmic signals called bray-call which are still
poorly documented, both functionally and geographically. This study aimed
to (1) describe, classify and characterize series of bray-call recorded in
two sites of the Mediterranean basin (Rome - Tyrrhenian Sea and Mazara del
Vallo - Strait of Sicily) and (2) investigate for possible geographic
differences. The acoustic analysis identified 13 different sequence types,
only two detected in both study areas. The Sørensen–Dice index revealed a
low degree of similarity between the sequence repertoire of the two
bottlenose dolphin populations, with the Tyrrhenian being more diversified
and complex than the Sicilian one. The acoustic parameters showed
variability between the study areas as well. Different variants of the main
acoustic elements composing the bray-call sequences were detected in the
Tyrrhenian Sea only. The Markov-chain model demonstrated that the
transition probability between acoustic elements is not uniform, with
specific combinations of elements having a higher probability of
occurrence. These new findings on bottlenose dolphin bray-call sequences
highlight the structural complexity of these vocalizations, suggesting to
address future research on the context of emissions and the possible
function(s) of such acoustic arrangements

Daniela Silvia Pace, PhD
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