[MARMAM] Seeking research assistant for the Bioacoustics and Behavioral Ecology Lab at Syracuse University

Frants H Jensen fhjensen at syr.edu
Wed Feb 23 08:49:27 PST 2022

The Bioacoustics and Behavioral Ecology Lab at Syracuse University is seeking a laboratory research assistant to support sponsored research. The lab examines the ecology and evolution of acoustic signaling, with a particular focus on cetaceans and continued efforts to further conservation and management actions. The laboratory research assistant will work with members of the BABEL lab to support a variety of research projects. Work will include organizing and managing data, maintaining and calibration scientific equipment (especially hydrophones and acoustic tags), participating in field efforts at sea, analysis of acoustic and/or multisensor tag data, and assisting with writing scientific reports and research papers.

We expect candidates to have at least one year of research experience and to be able to demonstrate strong organizational skills. Prior experience with marine mammal field research, acoustic recording and calibration techniques, and analysis of bioacoustic or biologging tag data is preferred.

For questions about the position, please contact Prof. Susan E. Parks: sparks at syr.edu

Apply here: Syracuse University Online Employment Site | Research Assistant (sujobopps.com)<https://www.sujobopps.com/postings/91945>


Research Assistant Professor
Bioacoustics and Behavioral Ecology Lab

Syracuse University
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