[MARMAM] New publication on epimeletic and acoustic behaviour in Mediterranean common bottlenose dolphins carrying dead calves

Daniela Silvia Pace danielasilvia.pace at uniroma1.it
Mon Feb 21 02:25:09 PST 2022

Dear Marine Mammal Community,
we are pleased to share our recent open access publication:

Pedrazzi G., Giacomini G. and Pace D.S. (2022). First report of epimeletic
and acoustic behavior in Mediterranean common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops
truncatus) carrying dead calves Biology 11(2), 337.

Epimeletic behavior toward dead calves has been frequently reported in
cetaceans, mostly with females (presumed mothers) showing supportive
behaviors such as carrying, lifting, or sinking, often assisted by “escort”
individuals. However, information on acoustic production in such contexts
is scarce. This report describes two observations of epimeletic behavior
toward dead newborns in bottlenose dolphins and associated acoustic
production. Data were collected at the Tiber River estuary (Rome,
Mediterranean Sea, Italy) with one hydrophone for passive acoustic
monitoring and two digital cameras. In both cases, an individual (presumed
mother) acting as the main supporter and directly interacting with the
carcass by lifting it (case 1) or sinking it (case 2) was observed. Another
adult individual (escort) was present in both encounters showing
standing-by and excitement behaviors (case 1) and supportive behavior (case
2). In both encounters, whistles, pulsed sounds, and bray-call elements
were recorded. The consistent vocal activity observed likely conveyed
context-specific information. A signature whistle in the first encounter
was also recorded, likely emitted by the putative mother as a distress
call. This report confirms the occurrence of epimeletic behavior in
bottlenose dolphins and reports a preliminary description of the acoustic
production when a dead calf is involved, providing additional information
on this largely unknown topic.

Daniela, Giulia and Giancarlo

Daniela Silvia Pace, PhD
Department of Environmental Biology
Marine Ecology Lab
Sapienza University of Rome
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00185 Rome, Italy
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