[MARMAM] New publication -Not friends, just roommates: social organisation of two South American sea lion non-breeding colonies

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Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to share with you our new publication:
Giardino GV, Mandiola MA, Bastida J, Gana JCM, Bastida RO, Rodríguez DH.
2022. *Not friends, just roommates: social organisation of two South
American sea lion non-breeding colonies*. New Zealand Journal of Marine and
Freshwater Research.1-16.

 Any questions, comments, as well as the full text are available by writing
to oflavescens at gmail.com.
Thank you for your attention
Have a nice weekend


  *ABSTRACT: * Groups of male South American sea lions (Otaria flavescens;
SSLs) congregate in harbours on the northern coast of Argentina. These
groups are very dynamic, with a high degree of habituation to human
activities and the ability to colonise different types of artificial
substrates, making them an interesting subject for understanding individual
association patterns and spatiotemporal variations in this species. In the
present study, we recorded the associations between individual
bleach-marked SSLs in the harbours of Mar del Plata (PM) and Puerto Quequén
(PQ) on four different substrate types during four non-breeding seasons. We
found that the association pattern differed between the harbours, with a
well-differentiated social structure being evident in PM but very little
social differentiation occurring in PQ. The observed social structure in PM
may have resulted from passive habitat preference rather than genuine
social behaviour, as the association pattern disappeared when SSLs moved to
sandy beaches within the harbour. Given that these colonies are must-see
tourist attractions but may have negative interactions with human
activities, we recommend considering the association between SSLs and
artificial habitats to design effective management strategies and reduce
potential conflicts

Dra. Gisela Giardino
Grupo de Investigacion Biol., Ecología y Conserv. de Mamíferos Marinos
Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata (UNMdP) -IIMyC (CONICET)
Deán Funes 3350, (7600) Mar del Plata,
Tel: +54 223 4752426 (int. 244)
Casilla de Correo 1260-Correo Central-MdP
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