[MARMAM] Biofouling on marine mammal tracking devices

Jan Hodder jhodder at uoregon.edu
Tue Feb 8 12:16:04 PST 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We are working on a project to pull together what we know about marine mammal tracking (tag and transmitter) devices as algal or invertebrate species dispersal vectors.

We write to ask if you have observed marine invertebrates or algae attached to tracking devices attached to marine mammals, and, if so, if you have either (1) photographs, (2) biofouled devices that we could examine (and return to you) or (3) field notes related to this phenomena?  Equally valuable would be any directions in which you might point us, including marine mammal colleagues you know who may have observations to share. Key data include (if possible) the tagged location/date and retrieval location/date.

Many thanks for any observations, reports, or stories you may have heard, from anywhere in the world.

Jan Hodder jhodder at uoregon.edu<mailto:jhodder at uoregon.edu>
University of Oregon
Oregon Institution of Marine Biology
Charleston, Oregon

James T. Carlton jcarlton at williams.edu<mailto:jcarlton at williams.edu>
Ocean & Coastal Studies Program
Williams College - Mystic Seaport
Mystic Connecticut

Jan Hodder
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology
University of Oregon
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