[MARMAM] New publication: Sowerby's beaked whale neonate and pregnant female strandings in Ireland

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Mon Aug 22 09:53:44 PDT 2022

Dear colleagues,

Our study documenting a live stranding of a neonate Sowerby’s beaked whale
in 2017 and a pregnant female in 2020 in the southwest of Ireland was
recently published.

O’Callaghan SA, Overy L, Hunt L, Foxall D, Collins M, O’Connell M (2022).
Strandings of a neonate and a pregnant Sowerby’s beaked whale (*Mesoplodon
bidens* (Sowerby, 1804)) in Ireland. *Journal of the Marine Biological
Association of the United Kingdom* 1–6.


Sowerby’s beaked whale is a deep-diving cetacean species specialized to
live in the deep waters of the North Atlantic, including offshore Irish
waters. Sightings of Sowerby’s beaked whales in this area are infrequent
and a substantial increase in our knowledge of their presence comes from
recent static acoustic monitoring (SAM) and passive acoustic monitoring
(PAM). However, most information on this species has been derived from
stranding records, which provide opportunistic insights into this elusive
species’ cryptic life history. Here we report on the live stranding of a
1200mm long neonate and an adult 5m female Sowerby’s beaked whale in July
2015 and on the stranding of a 4.9m pregnant female in September 2020 with
a 495mm long male foetus in the south-west of Ireland. These stranding
events provide an important insight into the reproductive life history of
this species and provide further evidence that Sowerby’s beaked whales
calve in offshore Irish waters.

The article is available in the below link but feel free to contact me for
a copy if you are interested on seanocallaghan212 at gmail.com




PhD candidate, Atlantic Technological University

Twitter: @KerrysWildside
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