[MARMAM] Two publications on the situation of early-career ocean professionals

Anna Osiecka ann.osiecka at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 04:21:51 PDT 2022

Dear all,

My colleagues and me would like to share our two recent publications on the
challenges faced by the early-career ocean professionals. While these small
studies were not exclusive to marine mammal researchers, they cover this
field. We believe that students, early-career professionals, and people
responsible for organising work- and study environments will find them of

Both publications are available in open access.

With kindest regards,
Anna Osiecka

1) Results of a survey among ERC ocean professionals, focusing on financial
and social issues, as well as workplace abuse:

Osiecka, A. N., Wróbel, A., Hendricks, I. W., & Osiecka-Brzeska, K. Being
ERC in marince science: results of a survey among early-career marine
scientists and conservationists. *Frontiers in Marine Science*, 1542.


2) Review of the ERC job market in ocean research and conservation

Osiecka, A. N., Quer, S., Wróbel, A., & Osiecka-Brzeska, K. (2021). Unpaid
work in marine science: a snapshot of the early-career job market. *Frontiers
in Marine Science*, 1143.

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