[MARMAM] Proposed Rule for the Taking of Marine Mammals Incidental to the U.S. Navy Training Activities in the Gulf of Alaska Study Area

Leah Davis - NOAA Federal leah.davis at noaa.gov
Thu Aug 11 04:55:04 PDT 2022

NOAA Fisheries is proposing to issue seven-year regulations under the
Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) to govern the incidental take of marine
mammals by the U.S. Navy’s training activities in the Gulf of Alaska (GOA)
Study Area from December 2022 through December 2029. These regulations
authorize take of individuals of 16 species of marine mammals by Level A
harassment and Level B harassment incidental to the Navy’s training
activities from the use of sonar and other transducers and in-air
detonations at or near the surface (within 10 m above the water surface). No
mortality or serious injury and no Level A harassment from non-auditory
tissue damage is anticipated or proposed for authorization. You can access
the proposed rule  at:

NOAA Fisheries’ proposed regulations would require mitigation and
monitoring measures that are expected to reduce adverse impacts to marine
mammals. NOAA Fisheries and the Navy have worked together to develop a
comprehensive suite of mitigation measures including procedural mitigations
that reduce the likelihood of mortality, injury, hearing impairment, and
more severe behavioral responses for most species, as well as time/area
mitigation that further protect areas where marine mammals conduct
important behaviors and/or sensitive species congregate, which reduces the
likelihood of takes that are likely to impact reproduction or
survival. Overall,
NOAA Fisheries and the Navy have developed adaptive management and a robust
monitoring plan specifically for these training activities to help better
understand the effects of Navy activities on protected marine species.

Please visit
more information on NOAA’s incidental take program under the MMPA.

[image: image.png]

Geographic Mitigation Areas for Marine Mammals in the GOA Study Area

*Leah Davis *(she/her/hers)
Marine Resources Management Specialist, Office of Protected Resources

NOAA Fisheries | U.S. Department of Commerce

Office: (301) 427- 8431

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