[MARMAM] Temporary 1-year Technician Position at Makah Fisheries Marine Mammal Program

Jonathan Scordino jonathan.scordino at makah.com
Wed Aug 3 16:04:23 PDT 2022

Dear MARMAM subscribers,

Makah Fisheries Management is seeking a temporary technician for our Marine
Mammal Program. The position has funding for 1 year.

We are seeking a biologist with skills in field research, data analysis,
and manuscript writing. The three primary projects the Technician will
assist with are 1) an assessment of anthropogenic and killer whale scarring
of Pacific Coast Feeding Group gray whales, 2) developing a methodology to
determine if photographed PCFG gray whales are a calf or not, and 3)
assessment of what factors most strongly influence observations of gray
whale ship strikes and entanglements in US west coast waters from
1983-2021. In addition to these projects, the Technician will assist in
marine mammal surveys in the Pacific Ocean and in the Strait of Juan de
Fuca and with a tagging study of Chinook salmon.

The pay of this position is not great, housing options are limited, and it
rains here over 100 inches a year. Yet this position is a great opportunity
for someone to build their resume by helping to write manuscripts and
reports, expanding their knowledge on field research methods, and learning
to work in the unique cultural environment of working for an Indian Tribe.

The job description is available at Marine-Mammal-Technician-II-Closes-8-15.pdf
Application material is available at Employment/Jobs - Makah Tribe
<https://makah.com/makah-tribal-info/employment/> on the bottom of the
page. Please send your completed application, CV, and cover letter to both
katherine.thompson at makah.com and to jonathan.scordino at makah.com.


Jonathan Scordino
Marine Mammal Biologist
Makah Fisheries Management
(360) 645-3176
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