[MARMAM] New publication: National action plan for the conservation of aquatic mammals in Colombia 2022-2035

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Tue Aug 2 08:25:39 PDT 2022

Dear colleagues

We are pleased to share with you our new publication of the National action
plan for the conservation of aquatic mammals in Colombia 2022-2035:

Trujillo, F., Caicedo, D., Diazgranados, M.C. & *I.C. Avila.* 2022. Plan de
Acción Nacional para la Conservación de los Mamíferos Acuáticos de Colombia
2022-2035. In: Avello-Castiblanco, G.C., González-Delgadillo, A.M.,
Quintero-Gil, J.A. (Eds.) Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible,
Bogotá, DC. Colombia. 96p. ISBN: 978-958-5551-82-4..

Abstract: This Plan proposes strategies and concrete actions for the
preservation, recovery, sustainable use and knowledge of the populations of
aquatic mammals that inhabit the marine and continental waters of Colombia
(South America) in relation to the main threats identified in the national
territory. We have structured it around five strategic lines and each of
them brings together the lines of action adapted to the needs identified
during the construction of this document: (i) research and monitoring; (ii)
sustainable management; (iii) information and disclosure; (iv) education,
training and participation, and v) a last strategic line focused on
political regulations and institutional strengthening.

The book is available in this link:

For further or additional information please contact me, thank you,
Isabel Avila
Dr. Isabel Cristina Avila Jiménez
Marine Biologist PhD in Environmental Sciences
Research Associate of the Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife
Research (ITAW), University of Hannover, Germany
Research member (*ad honorem*) of the Animal Ecology group, Universidad del
Valle, Colombia
E-mails: isabel_c_avila at yahoo.com /  isabelc.avila at gmail.com
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