[MARMAM] New article: "Insights into sustainable tourism policy : Identikit of the whale watchers and their economic contribution in Tarifa (Strait of Gibraltar)"

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On behalf of my co-authors, I would like to share with you our recent

Scuderi, A., García, J., Vighi, M., Merino, L., & Cardoso Martins, F.
(2022). Insights into sustainable tourism policy : Identikit of the whale
watchers and their economic contribution in Tarifa (Strait of Gibraltar).
Ocean and Coastal Management, 227(August), 106293.


Globally, whale watching (WW) is the greatest economic activity that is
based on cetaceans, and in mainland Spain the town of Tarifa (Strait of
Gibraltar) is the main WW port. Despite it being such an economically
relevant sector, little is being done to monitor and guarantee its
sustainability. Dedicated questionnaires were designed and delivered to WW
customers of Turmares Tarifa during the summers 2017 and 2018, to delineate
the socio- economic profile of WW customers, evaluate their economic
contribution to the local economy and assess their level of satisfaction
with WW activities. Results obtained from the 380 questionnaires analysed
showed that whale watchers generally had a university level education and a
high purchasing capacity. Most came from Spain and showed signs of
touristic loyalty to WW and of being in favour of conservation. Their
satisfaction was influenced by the time spent with cetaceans and the
education provided prior to and during the WW trip. The average daily
expenditure of WW customers was €97, and their total expenditure in the
period considered was €855,604, of which 51% contributed directly to the
economy of Tarifa. We advocate the improvement of edu- cation, a national
publicity campaign addressed to whale watchers, and the implementation of
administrative facilities for WW companies, as actions to improve the
management of WW towards a sustainability.

The full article can be downloaded:


50 days of free access: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1fWRy3RKK-uDS3

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