[MARMAM] We Are All Whalers CHOICE360 review

Michael Moore mmoore at whoi.edu
Sat Apr 30 13:11:27 PDT 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The North Atlantic right whale species would appreciate your help 
educating consumers as to how the species could recover.  This recent 
review of my book 'We re All Whalers' helps in that regard.

Please share it if so moved. The book is doing OK, but if we are to get 
enough people and politicians to care about vessel strike and 
entanglement in large whales, it and other efforts need to go to a whole 
new level of public awareness.


"This is the book all conservationists wish they could emulate. Through 
compelling personal narrative, Moore (Woods Hole Oceanographic 
Institution), a marine veterinarian, informs readers about the biology, 
life cycle, and human-caused threats that critically endanger the 
survival of North Atlantic right whales as a species. The book is easy 
to read, as the writing is superb and the narrative engaging, yet it is 
packed with facts and data. What may be most notable about this text is 
the author’s sensitivity not only to the species he covers but also to 
all stakeholders in whale conservation, from indigenous hunters to 
commercial fishers. It is a thoughtful treatise that, through fact-based 
analysis, leads readers to confront the root of the problem—choices 
consumers make in a post-industrial society. This reviewer strongly 
commends the book to all readers, especially students and scholars in 
relevant disciplines. The book has obvious value to marine biologists 
and veterinarians, not to mention whale conservation organizations. 
However, all conservation practitioners and journalists will benefit 
from reading it. Moore offers a most outstanding example of 
communicating science to advance conservation."

Summing Up: Essential. All readers.
Reviewer: J. Organ, emeritus, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Interdisciplinary Subjects: Environmental Studies, Food and Agriculture
Subject: Science & Technology – Biology – Zoology
Choice Issue: Jul 2022

Royalties from the book are being used for right whale conservation efforts.

Michael Moore
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

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