[MARMAM] Reminder: UF Summer online aquatics courses - Manatee Health and Marine Mammal Bio

Larkin,Iskande (Iske) ivlarkin at ufl.edu
Fri Apr 22 10:06:02 PDT 2022

Hi All,

I am just sending a reminder that registration is currently open for Summer 2022.  The University of Florida, Aquatic Animal Health Program is offering the Manatee Health & Conservation course, and a new Marine Mammal Biology graduate level course, both fully online. Classes starts Monday May 9th and run through Friday Aug 5th.   Registration will remain open through May 11th.

Manatee Health and Conservation Class (VME4016 and VME6017) is an online course (3 credits) that will provide students (upper level undergraduate and graduate) and professionals (with an AA or higher degree) with a detailed overview of manatee natural history, health assessment, and research findings as well as explore conservation issues.

<New> Marine Mammal Biology Class (VME6014) is an online graduate level course (3 credits) that will provide graduate students with a detailed overview of marine mammal species including cetaceans, sirenians, pinnipeds, mustelids, and ursids. Each module will broadly explore a particular ecological, biological, or physiological theme related to the study of marine mammals, including taxonomy and biodiversity, diving physiology, thermoregulation, foraging ecology, and reproduction as well as the many conservation and management issues faced by different marine mammal species.

For more information about the class or enrollment, contact Dr. Iskande Larkin (ivlarkin at ufl.edu).<mailto:ivlarkin at ufl.edu%29.*This>

Dr Iske Larkin

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Iske V. Larkin, PhD
Lecturer & Education Coordinator
Director of Aquatic Animal Health Program
Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Florida
PO Box 100136
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Gainesville, Florida 32610

Office phone - 352-294-4095
Work cell - 352-494-1742
Fax - 352-392-8289
Program web page: http://aquatic.vetmed.ufl.edu<http://aquatic.vetmed.ufl.edu/>

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