[MARMAM] New publication regarding marine mammal strandings in India

sohini dudhat sohini.dudhat at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 23:42:28 PDT 2022

Dear MARMAM team,

We are happy to share our recent publication 'Spatio‑temporal analysis
identifies marine mammal stranding hotspots along the Indian coastline'.

The publication is open access, and can be found here:

Marine mammal strandings provide vital information on species’ life
histories, population health and status of marine ecosystems. Opportunistic
reporting of strandings also serve as a powerful low cost tool for
monitoring these elusive mammals. We collated data over ~ 270 years
available through various open access databases, reports and publications.
Annual strandings along the Indian coast (mean = 11.25 ± SE 9.1) increased
in the last two years of the study (2015–2017, mean = 27.66 ± SE 8.5
strandings /year). We found that stranding events spike during
June—September along the west coast and during December–January along the
east coast. We identified several sections of the coastline, such as Mumbai
(0.38 strandings/km), Kozhikode (0.28 strandings/km), Tuticorin (0.4
strandings/ km), Rameswaram (1.82 strandings/km), Chennai (0.32
strandings/km) and Bhubaneshwar (0.26 strandings/km) with a higher number
of stranded animals reported. Emerging Hotspot Analysis located new and
consecutive hotspots along the north-west coast, and sporadic hotspots
along the south-east coast. We recommend establishing regional stranding
response centres at the identified hotspots coordinated by a National
Stranding Centre with adequately trained personnel and central funding
support. Regular stranding response training programs for field
veterinarians, and frontline personnel of State Forest Departments near
stranding hotspots would provide an improved understanding of marine mammal
health and threats in Indian waters. Further, the suggested National
Stranding Centre needs to maintain a ‘National Stranding Database’ for
long-term marine mammal conservation planning in India.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions.

Kind regards,
Sohini Dudhat
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