[MARMAM] A suite of products from the Ocean Modeling Forum's Marine Mammal Bycatch Working Group

Tessa Francis tessa at uw.edu
Fri Apr 1 16:20:02 PDT 2022

Dear Colleagues.

I am happy to share a suite of products from the Marine Mammal Bycatch
working group of the Ocean Modeling Forum

The first is a synthesis of best practices for assessing and managing marine
mammal bycatch, led by Paul Wade and Kristy Long.

A second is a comprehensive review of methods for estimating marine mammal
abundance, led by Phil Hammond:

A third, led by Jeff Moore, is a review of best practices for estimating
bycatch mortality:

In addition, Margaret Siple has developed a ShinyApp and R package for
exploring bycatch impacts for different life histories, using your own
inputs of abundance & mortality. ShinyApp here https://
msiple.shinyapps.io/mmrefpoints/ <https://t.co/Mw3X7ri7D9> and accompanying
paper in JOSS here: https://joss.theoj.org/papers/10.21105/joss.03888.

Another paper led by André Punt explores approaches to setting biological
reference points in low-data situations:

In another paper by Punt et al., Chile is used as a case study for
developing a bycatch assessment approach when observer data are limited and
there is uncertainty about post-release mortality:

Another paper by Punt et al. explores the robustness of PBR to a variety of

The last paper, also by Punt et al., explores alternative bycatch
management strategies using the case study of Iceland, with multiple
fisheries, multiple marine mammal species, and direct and indirect sources
of mortality:

A webinar <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMX_fggxpw4&t=175s> with many of
the authors steps through these resources, which are aimed at supporting
nations who are working to mitigate bycatch, especially in compliance with
the MMPA Import Provisions. Please reach out if you need access to any of
the papers. More information about the working group, with links to all the
papers, can be found here


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