[MARMAM] New publication on feeding humpback whales in low latitudes of the SE Pacific

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Dear colleagues,

On-behalf of my co-authors I am pleased to share our new publication in
Neotropical Biodiversity regarding feeding of humpback whales in low
latitudes of the SE Pacific Ocean

Garcia-Cegarra, A.M., C. Castro, K. Van Waerebeek (2021). Feeding of
humpback whales in low latitudes of the Southeast Pacific Ocean.
Neotropical Biodiversity  7(1), 421-430.

Access the article: https://doi.org/10.1080/23766808.2021.1971041

Abstract: Humpback whales perform long migrations from their breeding and
nursing areas at low latitudes to feeding grounds at high latitudes.
Nonetheless, this strictly dichotomous paradigm of migration is challenged
by accumulating examples of occasional or regular feeding at low latitudes
for several stocks worldwide. Here, we report multiple evidences of “Stock
G” humpback whales feeding in coastal waters, at low latitudes of the
Southeast Pacific Ocean. Lunge feeding behavior and defecation were
observed in Ecuador, while both lunge- and trap feeding in pursuit of
Peruvian anchovy was documented in northern Chile. A photographically
re-sighted individual feeding at different latitudes of Chile suggested
potential site fidelity to two foraging areas. Whether these feeding
behaviours are novel due to changes in prey distribution, intensifying
competition from a growing humpback whale population, or simply reflect
vastly increased research effort remains unknown. Further research into the
feeding ecology of Stock G should help reveal historic and potentially new
feeding grounds, prey composition and precise migration paths. Competition
from anchovy fisheries, vessel collision and net entanglement are suspected

A free copy can be obtained from the Neotrpical Biodiversity web:

All the best

PhD. Ana M. Garcia-Cegarra
*Marine Fauna Research Center (CIFAMAC)*
*Instagram: @CIFAMACCHILE *
*Web: **https://cifamac-chile.weebly.com/*
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