[MARMAM] Podcast: 'If Oceans Could Speak' and Polar Pint of Science Event

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Dear MARMAM Subscribers,

Sharing news of a podcast episode talking 'whales from space' and an event
talking 'walrus from space'.


Just a reminder that the third episode of the new podcast 'If Oceans Could
Speak', featuring marine mammal biologists, Dr Hannah Cubaynes from the
British Antarctic Survey and WWF and Dr Kim Goetz from NOAA in the United
States is out now. Listen or view our transcripts as we talk all about using
images from planes, drones, and satellites to spy on the whales and walrus


Next weeks episode, 27th October, we are taking you on a musical journey,
with award-winning composer Lera Auerbach, on her acclaimed National
Geographic, 4th symphony 'ARCTICA' - "music has the power to connect to you
on the emotional level".


To listen or view episode transcripts, just visit the podcast webpage (If
Oceans Could Speak (buzzsprout.com)
<https://if-oceans-could-speak.buzzsprout.com/> ), or tune in on your usual
listening platform e.g.
<https://open.spotify.com/show/0kzToAtyPIydllXQHh0LSj> spotify.


Dr Hannah Cubaynes will also be joining Pint of Science, the UK Polar
Network and the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust for Polar Pint of Science, on
Tuesday 26th October, in a FREE online webinar talking about the British
Antarctic Survey and WWF project 'Walrus from Space. For free tickets visit:
A roadmap for the future/ empowering the globe to save the poles | Pint of


Best wishes


Penny Clarke

If Oceans Could Speak Production Team


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