[MARMAM] New Publication: First characterization of vocalizations and passive acoustic monitoring of the vulnerable African manatee (Trichechus senegalensis)

Athena Rycyk arycyk at ncf.edu
Thu Oct 21 13:32:35 PDT 2021

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of myself and my co-authors, we are excited to share the
following paper:

*First characterization of vocalizations and passive acoustic monitoring of
the vulnerable African manatee (Trichechus senegalensis)*

Athena M. Rycyk, Clinton Factheu, Eric A. Ramos, Beth A. Brady, Mumi
Kikuchi, Hannah F. Nations, Karianne Kapfer, Cecilia M. Hampton, Emily R.
Garcia, and Aristide Takoukam Kamla

Even among the understudied sirenians, African manatees (*Trichechus
senegalensis*) are a poorly understood, elusive, and vulnerable species
that is difficult to detect. We used passive acoustic monitoring in the
first effort to acoustically detect African manatees and provide the first
characterization of their vocalizations. Within two 3-day periods at Lake
Ossa, Cameroon, at least 3367 individual African manatee vocalizations were
detected such that most vocalizations were detected in the middle of the
night and at dusk. Call characteristics such as fundamental frequency,
duration, harmonics, subharmonics, and emphasized band were characterized
for 289 high-quality tonal vocalizations with a minimum signal-to-noise
ratio of 4.5 dB. African manatee vocalizations have a fundamental frequency
of 4.65 ± 0.700 kHz (mean ± SD), duration of 0.181 ± 0.069 s, 97% contained
harmonics, 21% contained subharmonics, and 27% had an emphasized band other
than the fundamental frequency. Altogether, the structure of African
manatee vocalizations is similar to other manatee species. We suggest
utilizing passive acoustic monitoring to fill in the gaps in understanding
the distribution and biology of African manatees.

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 150, 3028 (2021)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Best regards,
Athena Rycyk
arycyk at ncf.edu

*Athena Rycyk, Ph.D. *(she/her)

New College of Florida
Assistant Professor of Biology & Marine Science
5800 Bay Shore Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34243-2109
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