[MARMAM] Ship strike questionnaire for vessel crews and managers - request for circulation assistance

James Robbins james.robbins at port.ac.uk
Mon Oct 11 01:44:46 PDT 2021

Dear MARMAMers,
I am circulating an online questionnaire to vessel crews and managers, 
to gauge their experience and opinions of ship strikes and potential 
mitigation measures. Responses will be analysed and used as part of my 
PhD at the University of Portsmouth, UK, which focusses on ship strike 
risk modelling.

I would appreciate any help that you can offer by circulating the 
questionnaire to your networks in the shipping industry. If there are 
any questions, please get in contact via james.robbins at port.ac.uk.

Further details are provided for potential participants before the 
questionnaire which can be accessed at this address: 
https://forms.gle/gYhMkUnF9RUpPexK6. Further details and a blurb are 
also given below this email.

Very best wishes,
James Robbins


Do you spend time at sea, or manage ship operations from land? 
Scientists are interested in your experience and opinions on the 
frequency of encounters with marine mammals, and potential collisions.  
Please share your thoughts via the the following link:

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth are looking into the issue 
of collisions between ships and marine wildlife. So far this has 
included extensive risk modelling, and simulating potential solutions. 
However, the researchers would like to understand the wealth of 
experience and knowledge that vessel crews and managers have on this 
subject, and invite you to complete an online questionnaire so that this 
knowledge can be incorporated into recommendations to ensure that they 
reflect the practicalities and challenges faced by those working at sea.

Invitation letter
EC Ref No: SHFEC 2021-088
Dear Potential Participant,
I am a PhD student at the University of Portsmouth, interested in 
shipping activity and how it co-exists with whales, dolphins and 
I am investigating the experience, knowledge, and opinions of people 
employed in the shipping industry (who may work on vessels, or manage 
them from shore) to whale conservation, and how vessels may affect their 
conservation. This research contributes towards the fulfilment of my 
PhD, and results of the anonymous responses will be published in a 
peer-reviewed journal.
This questionnaire is completely anonymous and voluntary, and you can 
choose to participate or not. We are seeking people who are 18 or over, 
and either work at sea or manage sea-going activities.
If you do participate, thank you very much! You can leave blank any 
questions that you do not feel comfortable answering. If at any point 
you decide you no longer wish to participate, you can simply close the 
questionnaire. By submitting a response on the Google questionnaire, you 
give your consent for myself to use the anonymous data for analysis.
If you decide not to participate, that is okay - thank you for your time 
in considering our project.
More information is available on the participant information sheet 
below. If you have any queries regarding the questionnaire, please 
contact James Robbins (james.robbins at port.ac.uk).

The questionnaire can be accessed at the following link: 

All the best,
James Robbins
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