[MARMAM] SMM Editors' Select Series for October 21st: A comparison of Northeast Atlantic killer whale call repertoires

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Greetings MARMAM!

Join us on *21 October 2021 at 4 PM UTC (9 AM PDT)* for the next SMM
Seminar Editors’ Select Series: A comparison of Northeast Atlantic killer
whale call repertoires with Anna Selbmann of University of Iceland.
Free to attend. Registration required. Presented online on Zoom.
Register here:

Space on Zoom is limited to the first 500 attendees. The talk will also be
streamed live on the SMM Facebook page

*The SMM Seminar Editors’ Select Series highlights the latest and most
exciting marine mammal science published in the Marine Mammal Science
Journal. This is your chance to engage with marine mammal scientists, learn
and ask questions from anywhere in the world. All are welcome. *

*About this talk:*
Killer whale call repertoires can provide information on social connections
among groups and populations. Killer whales in Iceland and Norway exhibit
similar ecology and behavior, are genetically related, and are presumed to
have been in contact before the collapse of the Atlanto-Scandian herring
stock in the 1960s. However, photo-identification suggests no recent
movements between Iceland and Norway but regular movement between Iceland
and Shetland. We used acoustic recordings collected in Iceland, Norway, and
Shetland to undertake a comprehensive comparison of the call repertoires of
Northeast Atlantic killer whales. Time and frequency parameters of calls
from Iceland and Norway were relatively similar but no call type matches
were confirmed between Iceland and Norway or Shetland and Norway. Three
call types matched between Iceland and Shetland. Therefore, these findings
agree with what is currently known of the movement patterns of these whales
but argue against past contact between Icelandic and Norwegian killer
whales, since call repertoires are thought to be maintained over time.

*About the presenter:*
Anna Selbmann is currently a PhD student at the University of Iceland
investigating killer whale acoustic behaviour and interspecific
interactions between pilot whales and killer whales. She gained a BSc in
Marine Vertebrate Zoology from Bangor University (UK) in 2015 and completed
her Masters of Biology at the University of Iceland in 2019 investigating
the call repertoire of Icelandic killer whales and comparing it to the
repertoire of Norwegian killer whales.

Best regards,
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*Theresa-Anne Tatom-Naecker, Ph.D. Student*
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