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Dear ECS members and participants,


We are pleased to announce that the 33rd annual European Cetacean Society
conference will be taking place in Ashdod, on the Mediterranean coast of
Israel, from 5-7 April 2022. This will be the first hybrid event in the
history of the ECS, and the first to be held outside of the European borders
- we are very excited for this unique opportunity to host you all. The theme
of this year's conference is:


'Marine mammal research and conservation efforts - Are we on the right


The evolution of marine mammal research goes a long way back, but... are we
headed in the right direction? Have we succeeded in our efforts to protect
endangered species, their ecosystem functions, biodiversity, and marine
mammal habitats while maintaining the ethical treatment of animals? 


In the upcoming ECS conference in Ashdod, we propose to challenge the
conventional approach to marine mammal science and raise critical questions
on the past, present, and future to ensure that the shared goal - marine
mammal conservation - is, indeed, being aptly pursued. 


Participants in the 2022 ECS conference are encouraged to present works that
relate to this theme or otherwise consider how this issue affects their

We urge you to keep these deadlines in mind:


WORKSHOPS: 3-4 April 2022 (Sunday - Monday)

CONFERENCE: 5-7 April 2022 (Tuesday – Thursday)


·                     Registration opening date: 01.11.2021

·                     Workshop submission deadline: 20.12.2021

·                     Abstract submission deadline: 01.01.2022

·                     Early registration deadline: 20.02.2022

·                     Late registration deadline: 01.03.2022

·                     Decision and notification on final concept: 03.03.2022


Please note that although this will be a hybrid event, priority will be
given to those participants who are committing to attend the conference in
person, as we wish to encourage vis-à-vis networking which cannot be
fulfilled in a virtual setting. 


We know that these are uncertain times, and we are doing everything we can
to make the conference as accessible and safe as possible. We are keeping a
close look on any fluctuations in the status of the pandemic across Europe
and in Israel and will update you on any decisions or changes made due to
the varying restrictions. If at the end, the situation will not allow the
conference to take place physically, a fully virtual conference will take
place instead during the same dates. Final decision and notification will be
made by the beginning of March 2022. 


Further information about the conference is being added continuously, so
please refer to the conference website for updated information - ECS
Conference 2022 - Ashdod, Israel | European Cetacean Society

We look forward to seeing many of you along our shores!

Best wishes,

The Local Organizers and ECS Council


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