[MARMAM] A call for information on vessel strikes with large whales in the ETP

Nico Ransome nicola.ransome at murdoch.edu.au
Thu Nov 11 14:50:39 PST 2021

Dear Marmam community,

As part of regional consultancy work for the WWF, l am continuing to construct a database of large whale/ship strikes from the Eastern Tropical Pacific region (Mexico to Peru).

If anyone has information on collisions with whales in the region, especially those that have occurred since 2017, I would greatly appreciate if you could report it to me: nicola.ransome at murdoch.edu.au

The consultancy work involves engaging major stake holders and government bodies, and has the potential to have multiple impacts in reducing the risk of vessel collisions to large whales regionally.

Thank you so much,

Nicola Ransome MSc.
Researcher and PhD Student,
Murdoch University, Western Australia
nicola.ransome at murdoch.edu.au
Australia: (+61) 0457 491 843/Mexico: (+52) 322 121 3917

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