[MARMAM] Flukebook.org Release Notes September and October 2021

Jason Holmberg jason at wildme.org
Tue Nov 9 13:21:47 PST 2021

We are pleased to announce the Wildbook software release v.2021-10-28,
which is reflected in the Flukebook.org platform for cetacean photo ID.
Highlights include new machine learning detection and individual ID
algorithms for sperm whales, as well as usability improvements in project
and bulk import functionality.

Wildbook DOI:

Wildbook Image Analaysis (WBIA) DOI:

For an overview of Flukebook's multi-species, multi-modal machine learning
for photo ID, please see:


Community support for Wildbook is provided at:



- SAGE-351: New, machine learning-based sperm whale fluke ID algorithm
added using PIE V2 (triplet loss network).

- New sperm whale fluke detector and related detection pipeline models,
including orientation network support.

- Data integrity checks now include a check for viewpoint = null on

- Bulk import now handles and displays progress of acmID registration of
uploaded images

- Bulk import review page improvements have been made.

- Social relationships and co-occurrence diagrams and tables now load

- WB-1785: Project matching has improved user feedback regarding IA status.

- Established a default setting for new Wildbook users to not receive email

- Measurements now available for standard export.

- Collaborations expanded to include public data for non-silo communities.

- Org admins can add managing researchers to encounters.


- WB-1854: Encounter Search mark-recapture search includes capture sessions
that occur on the same day as the session end time.

- WB-1808: The “Add to existing individual ID” function no longer has an
unneeded dependency on the ShowTaxonomy configuration option.

 - SAGE-391: Background subtraction failing with new model files exported
with NumPy float64 data type

 - SAGE-386: Background subtraction added missing support for

- WB-1781: User can now self-edit email addresses.

- WB-1740: Dates on images in match results now reflect user-provided dates
rather than exif.

- WB-1479: Scroll wheel actions work with search results tables.

Jason Holmberg (he/him/his)

Executive Director, Wild Me <https://wildme.org/>

A.I. and humans combating extinction together.
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