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Smultea Sciences is training and hiring Protected Species Observers (PSOs<https://www.smulteasciences.com/pso-pam-hiring>).

-> TRAIN AS A PSO: NOVEMBER 15, 2021 (Virtual)

If you are interested in training to protect marine wildlife at sea and have a four-year degree in the natural sciences and are a US Citizen, see our website or contact us at PSOjobs at smulteasciences.com.


If you have worked offshore as a PSO and are a US Citizen with a valid US Passport, contact our hiring team TODAY: PSOjobs at smulteasciences.com.

  *   For details: https://www.smulteasciences.com/pso-pam-hiring
  *   To apply: https://www.smulteasciences.com/pso-hiring-questionnaire

PSO/PAM Questionnaire | Smultea Sciences<https://www.smulteasciences.com/pso-hiring-questionnaire>
Working remotely is good for the environment, for employees, and for client responsiveness. With team members located across the US from Alaska to Florida, since 2000 Smultea Sciences stays at the forefront of sustainability, remote teamwork, and project management technology.
We'd love to hear from you!

Trisha Souder

Project Operations and PSO Services Manager

trisha.souder at smulteasciences.com<mailto:trisha.souder at smulteasciences.com>

Smultea Environmental Sciences<http://www.smulteasciences.com/>

+1 417 543 0810 (Eastern Time)


Susan Steckler, MA

Communications & Special Projects
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Smultea Environmental Sciences<http://www.smulteasciences.com/>
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