[MARMAM] Opinion to observed health conditions of pilot whales

Eva-Maria Hanninger eva.hanninger at stud.unibas.ch
Sat Nov 6 01:36:50 PDT 2021

Dear Marmam community,
I am evaluating the health conditions of cetaceans in the Strait of Gibraltar and use the photo database of a platform of opportunity (Firmm).

I attached some pictures, to ask your opinion on.

First pilot whale: Sighted with a pale-fringed spot cranial. In proximity to the pale fringed spot, there are pale spots which are arranged in a circle. Did anyone detect a similar mark? Might it be indicating a dermal disease?

Three pilot whale juveniles with cutaneous nodules at the upper jaw. In all cases, the nodules seemed to occur symmetrically on both sides of the head. Does anyone have knowledge about the aetiology, or did anyone detect similar cases? Maybe also on adult pilot whales?

I am looking forward to read your thoughts.
Thank you very much!
Eva Hanninger

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