[MARMAM] Volunteers for field work with fur seals in Chile

Mauricio Seguel maurseguel at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 05:48:40 PDT 2021

The Guafo Island research team is seeking enthusiastic and motivated
to assist with field work and data collection activities of wild South
American fur seals at Guafo Island, Northern Chilean Patagonia. The field
working season this year is between December 7th 2021 and March 15th 2022
with the possibility of starting on January 10th 2022.

The project responsibilities include capture and restrain of South American fur
seal adults and pups and depending on volunteer skills and experience
of blood, swabs and feces. Volunteers will also assist veterinary staff
during Necropsies of fur seal pups following a standard protocol of sample

The work also includes helping with domestic tasks, keeping of the campsite and
assist on the work of the field laboratory (mainly help with CBCs, blood
smears and osteological samples processing).

Guafo Island is a pristine and large oceanic island with no permanent
human inhabitants.
During the prolong field work (2 to 3 months) communication is very limited
and our campsite does not have electricity or running fresh water. The
weather is cold, rainy, and windy with average thermal sensation in the
summer of 9 Celsius degrees.

At least 20 years of age.
Health compatible with physically demanding field work.
Health insurance.

Must meet travel requirements for Chile (this includes a completed
vaccination protocol for COVID-19 that can be validated in Chile


Our research group pay for in-country travel, housing and meals during
the duration
of the field work. International fly tickets and health insurance cannot be

Desired Skills
*      Strong Interest in and awareness of animal and ecosystem health
*         Willingness to get wet and dirty
*         Attention to detail
*         Able to live in isolated place without regular communication
and basic
*         Ability to multi-task
*        Desired previous experience handling blood and tissue samples
 *      Desired previous experience in restrain of wild animals.
  *     Able to resist bad weather navigation.
   *     Basic Spanish.

Individuals interested on applying to the position should send an
email describing
their motivations and a Curriculum Vitae to:

Dr. Mauricio Seguel: *mseguel at uoguelph.ca <mseguel at uoguelph.ca>*

Additional information about research projects at Guafo Island can be found
at *http://www.guafoislandscience.com/ <http://www.guafoislandscience.com/>*

Best Regards,

Mauricio Seguel     DVM, PhD, DACVP
Assistant Professor

Department of Pathobiology

Ontario Veterinary College

University of Guelph, Canada.
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