[MARMAM] Marine Biology in a World of Wounds

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Wed Mar 17 00:30:24 PDT 2021

Human impacts on this planet have been recently re-labelled as "climate and ecological catastrophe", "biological annihilation, "sixth mass extinction" and "ecocide". Time to prevent irreversible damage is at best alarmingly short, leaving little room for irrelevant, untimely or self-serving science. As the awareness of threats facing our societies and life on Earth increases, scientists around the world are revising their priorities and time frames to account for a growing sense of urgency and non-reversibility.

A new Theme Section in the journal Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics aims to re-define the role played by marine biologists as "ocean doctors" who, having seen the damage, identify and deploy the most effective strategies to help repair it. 

All contributions listed below are OPEN ACCESS and can be downloaded from: 

Three contributions (*) refer specifically to marine mammal science.


*Bearzi G
Marine biology on a violated planet: from science to conscience

*Notarbartolo di Sciara G, Hoyt E
Healing the wounds of marine mammals by protecting their habitat

*Würsig B
>From science only to science for conservation: a personal journey

Lotze HK
Combining love and knowledge to heal the ocean

Coll M
Environmental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic from a (marine) ecological perspective

Worm B, Elliff C, Fonseca JG, Gell FR, Serra-Gonçalves C, Helder NK, Murray K, Peckham H, Prelovec L, Sink K
Making ocean literacy inclusive and accessible

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