[MARMAM] Online Internship/course at Marine Mammal Research Association for April 2021

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Dear all,

*Please find below details of our Remote Internship with the Marine Mammal
Research Association - **Deniz Memelileri Araştırma Derneği (DMAD).*

Unfortunately due to the outbreak of COVID-19 it is almost impossible to
travel safely to other countries at this moment, but that doesn't mean that
you can't benefit from our knowledge and develop your career or get help
with your thesis remotely. Students, graduates, career changers etc can
receive both research and public outreach experience working with the DMAD
team. http://www.dmad.org.tr/remote-internships


DMAD - Marine Mammals Research Association have scientific projects running
in Turkey, Montenegro and Albania. We conduct long-term studies of marine
mammals in Istanbul, Antalya, the Levantine sea, Montenegrin coastal waters
and the northern coastline of Albania.  We aim to address questions about
marine mammal abundance, distribution and behaviour, define critical
habitats and investigate the impact of major threats, ranging from tourism
to hydrocarbon exploration.

Our wider attention focuses on the promotion and implementation of
awareness initiatives targeted at the local community. More details on the
projects can be found here: http://www.dmad.org.tr/our-projects


The DMAD team provides lectures and training as well as constant
supervision. You will be given the chance to learn the most popular
methodologies used in marine mammal research including:

-Cetacean species identification within the Mediterranean

-Population statuses and threats to marine mammals within the Mediterranean

-Software used in the field (Pythagoras, Logger 2010)

-Data analysis using GIS, R, Distance, Mark

-Passive Acoustic Monitoring using PamGuard, Raven

-Residency Pattern Analysis

-Population Estimation

-Scientific support on manuscript and technical report writing including
thesis supervision


The internship is for 2 months and is about 100 hours and requires a
contribution fee of 560euro, which fully goes to supporting the project.


-Video recordings

-Scientific support through weekly Skype calls

-Real data and practical examples to work through

-Certification of participation


Our Remote Internship is an ongoing project, and the next one starts on the
5th of April; the number of places has a limit. It is also possible to
change the internship to a course, please contact us for more information.

Email your CV and cover letter to info at dmad.org.tr, giving details of your
specific interests so that we can help you to develop a personal project.

If you wish to have more info about our other internships and work please
take a look at some of our web pages and social media:

Our research: http://www.dmad.org.tr/our-projects

Our remote internships:  http://www.dmad.org.tr/remote-internships

Our publications: http://www.dmad.org.tr/our-publications

All the best and stay safe,


*info at dmad.org.tr <info at dmad.org.tr>*

*www.dmad.org.tr <http://www.dmad.org.tr/>*

*Follow us on: Instagram <https://www.instagram.com/DMADforNature/> &
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