[MARMAM] New publication: Sperm whale trumpet sounds in the Mediterranean Sea

Daniela Silvia Pace danielasilvia.pace at uniroma1.it
Fri Mar 12 03:14:54 PST 2021

Dear colleagues,
we are pleased to announce the publication of our new article on sperm
whale trumpet sounds:

Pace, D.S., Lanfredi, C., Airoldi, S., Giacomini, G., Silvestri, M., Pavan,
G. & Ardizzone G.D. *Trumpet sounds emitted by male sperm whales in the
Mediterranean Sea*. Sci Rep 11 (2021).

Sperm whale trumpets are sounds only occasionally documented, with a well
recognisable and stereotyped acoustic arrangement. This study investigated
the acoustic features of the trumpets and the context in which these sounds
were recorded, using acoustic data collected over 22 years, in the Pelagos
Sanctuary area (North-Western Mediterranean Sea). Analysed trumpets
(n=230), recorded at the beginning of a dive after the whale fluke-up,
comprised a series of acoustic units organized in short sequences. Acoustic
parameters were derived for the entire trumpet and for each distinguishable
unit in a trumpet. Overall, trumpet durations and their initial frequencies
were higher in recordings collected when multiple whales were visually or
acoustically detected in the observation area. The identity of 68 whales
was assessed through photo-identification, with 29 individuals producing
trumpets within and between years. The variability of the acoustic
parameters appeared to be higher within the same individuals rather than
between different individuals, suggesting an individual plasticity in
composing and arranging units in a trumpet.
Different click patterns were observed before and after the trumpets, with
more complex sequences when (1) other whales were visually/acoustically
detected, and (2) individuals were in suitable foraging sites (i.e., canyon
areas). Trumpets were commonly followed or preceded by click patterns
suited for communication, such as codas and/or slow clicks. Significant
relations between the trumpet emission and the male-only long-range
communication click pattern (i.e. slow clicks) emerged, supporting the
hypothesis that a trumpet is a sound emitted by maturing/mature males in
feeding grounds.
This study provides the first evidence that trumpets were conserved in the
sperm whale acoustic repertoire at the decadal timescale, persisting across
years and individuals in the same area. This persistence may be
functionally specific to foraging activities performed by males in a
well-established feeding area.

*Keywords*: sperm whale, *Physeter macrocephalus*, trumpets, acoustic
behaviour, Mediterranean Sea

Daniela, Caterina, Sabina, Giancarlo, Margherita, Gianni & Giandomenico

Daniela Silvia Pace, PhD
Department of Environmental Biology
Marine Ecology Lab
Sapienza University of Rome
Viale dell’Università 32
00185 Rome, Italy
mail: danielasilvia.pace at uniroma1.it
mobile: +39 346 1039652
office: +39 06 4991 4763
skype: lagenorinco

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