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*Monday’s Ocean Talks*

Monday’s Ocean Talks is a set of interviews between Joana Castro, the
founder of AIMM, and invited guests from all over the world who play an
important role within the ocean and marine life.
The launch of Monday’s Ocean Talks was the 15th of February and every two
weeks a new interview will be released. Each interview has a duration of
one hour and is an informal talk, a sharing of experiences and an exchange
of knowledge. The interviews are completely free to access and will be
released on the AIMM YouTube channel every two weeks. Subscribe and meet an
Ocean Researcher!

The next interview will be with Dr. Hal Whitehead. Please read his
biography below.

Dr. Hal Whitehead

Hal Whitehead is a University Research Professor in the Department of
Biology at Dalhousie University. His research focuses on social
organization and cultural transmission in the deep-water whales, but he
also works on their ecology, population biology and conservation. Field
work is mainly carried out in the North Atlantic (particularly off eastern
Canada) and South Pacific oceans from a 12-meter sailing boat.

Hal uses individual-based stochastic computer models to study cultural
evolution, gene-culture coevolution and mating strategies.

He has developed statistical tools and software for analyzing vertebrate
social systems.

Hal holds a BA in Mathematics, Diploma in Mathematical Statistics, and PhD
in Zoology from Cambridge University in England. He coedited *Cetacean
Societies: Field Studies of Whales and Dolphins* (University of Chicago
Press; 2000), and has written *Sperm Whales; Social Evolution in the Ocean*
(University of Chicago Press, 2003), *Analyzing Animal Societies:
Quantitative Methods for Vertebrate Social Analysis* (University of Chicago
Press, 2008), and, with Luke Rendell, the forthcoming *The Cultural Lives
of Whales and Dolphins* (University of Chicago Press, 2014).

He has served on the IUCN Species Survival Commission Cetacean Specialist
Group since 1983, was co-chair of the COSEWIC Marine Mammal SSC between
2001-2004, and received the Marsh Award for Marine and Freshwater
Conservation, Zoological Society of London in 2007.

*Biography by The Whale Sanctuary Project*

More information about Dr. Hal Whitehead


Monday Ocean Talks

Interview with Dr. Hal Whitehead

15th March – 3pm (GMT) at AIMM YouTube channel

More info: info at aimmportugal.org


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