[MARMAM] SMM Editor’s Select Series for March 11: Impact of warm water anomalies on Guadalupe fur seal foraging habitat

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Greetings MARMAM!

We invite everyone to join us this *Thursday, March 11, 2021 from 8-9:30PM
(EST)* for the Society for Marine Mammalogy Editor's Select Series
event:* Impact
of warm water anomalies on Guadalupe fur seal foraging habitat*

*The SMM Seminar Editor's Select Series highlights the latest and most
exciting marine mammal science published in the Marine Mammal Science
Journal. This is your chance to engage with marine mammal scientists, learn
and ask questions from anywhere in the world. All are welcome. *

*About this talk: *The Guadalupe fur seal (GFS), currently is recovering
from near extinction. As this species continues to recover, it is important
to understand how its foraging success may be affected by warm water and
other oceanographic anomalies in the northeastern Pacific. We assessed the
foraging ecology of the GFS over a period that was characterized by normal
(2013) ocean temperatures followed by warm conditions (2014–2016). We used
scat analysis to identify differences in GFS prey between 2013 and
anomalous years. The most important prey species among these years was the
jumbo squid, followed by the neon flying squid during warmer years. An
additional analysis based on stable isotope suggested a broader northerly
or offshore foraging areas during these anomalous conditions. Our findings
are an important step toward better understanding the impacts of climate
change on the recovery of the GFS

*About the Presenter:* Maria Jose Amador-Capitanachi is an MSc student at
the Instituto Politécnico Nacional

The event is free to attend but registration is required.

You can register for the talk on Zoom here:

Or join us on Facebook like on our page here:

Looking forward to an exciting presentation!

Best regards,

Eric Angel Ramos, Ph.D. Candidate
*Ayça Eleman, Ph.D. *Candidate
*Theresa-Anne Tatom-Naecker, Ph.D. Student*
*Student Members-at-Large*
Society for Marine Mammalogy

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